February 22, 2020

Career Opportunities After Hotel Management Courses

Eating out, partying and travelling is one of the go to leisure activities of people today. Hotels, big or small are booming constantly as a result and so is the demand for trained Hotel personnel. According to STR Global, there are about 187,000 hotels across the globe and still counting. In this scenarios, pursuing a Hotel Management Degree opens up a wide array of job opportunities both within and outside India that prove to be highly rewarding. Opportunities include jobs in luxury star hotels, restaurants, Airline Catering and Cabin Services, Club management, Cruise Ship Hotel Management to name a few. Above all this you can start your new hotel business! Some of the most prestigious Hotel Management job positions include: Hotel manager – a Hotel manager is literally the CEO of that particular hotel. The manager has a team of executives and is responsible for steering the day to day activities of the hotel like housekeeping, guest accommodation, catering etc. The managers’ ultimate goal is to ensure the guests have a pleasant stay at the hotel. A good Hotel manager is a good leader who motivates his/her team to work for the common goal of guest satisfaction. Chef – A chef is the head of the kitchen. The Chef is responsible for deciding the menu and ensuring the cooks prepare delicious recipes according the tastes and preferences of the guests. As a chef you are supposed to satisfy your guests’ tongue and tummy. Front Office Manager – In charge of the work at front end desk which involves receiving guests, coordinate reservations and room assignments, providing Information and enquiry services to the guests Food and Beverage Manager – Looks after the overall work of the catering department. Planning, organizing, and controlling the establishments from small informal diners to large restaurants. Housekeeping Department – Responsible for maintaining hygiene and orderly maintenance of the Hotel ambience. They are also responsible for training and supervising the housekeeping staff and regular inspection. Stewards – A Steward is a person responsible for providing hospitality services to passenger on board in aircrafts, ships and trains. Hotelier – Hoteliers are entrepreneurs who run their own Hotels. Graduates after gaining industry experience and adequate business skills can open their own hotels. Small or big the size of the hotel does not matter; the business will prove to be lucrative in the long run. Also opening a new hotel also offers job opportunities for fresh graduates. Teacher/Professor – After gaining a considerable experience working in the Hotel Industry, you can choose to become a teacher or professor in the Hotel Management Colleges. Sharing your Industry experience with the aspiring students will motivate them to pursue a rewarding career. The jobs listed above are just some of the mainstream jobs opted by the graduates. The industry has much more to offer. There are many other departments that contribute to various aspects of running a hotel which includes accounts, marketing etc which are also highly paid jobs. Hotel Industry, a service oriented industry that aims to make people happy and comfortable provides a sense of satisfaction to people work in the Industry. With diverse opportunity for growth the hotel industry is certainly a promising field of career. If you are someone who is looking for an exciting and fulfilling career beyond all the mainstream careers then Hotel management could be your perfect career choice.