B.Sc  Catering and Hotel Administration

Three-year Graduation programme for students who want to carve a niche in Hotel Management. The students are equipped with intellectual & leadership capabilities allowing the student to move into diverse managerial roles in prestigious national and international Hospitality Firms. Its multi-disciplinary approach focuses on critical analysis of management styles & strategic thinking required to succeed in hotel management.


Eligibility: 12th Pass
Duration: 3 Years
Approved by Alagappa University
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Career Growth
Career Growth

Step by step into the course


Semester I

Part-I  Language Practical (Tamil / Hindi / French) - I
Part II - Language Practical - English-I –Prose and Communication Skills
Basic Food Production and Patisserie
Basic Food and  Beverage Service
Basic Food Production and Patisserie Practical
Basic Food and  Beverage Service Practical

Semester II

Part-I   Language Practical (Tamil / Hindi / French) - II
Part II - Language Practical - English-II –Prose and Communication Skills
Basic Front Office Operations
Basic Accommodation Operation
Basic Front Office Operations Practical
Basic Accommodation Operation Practical
Environmental Studies

Semester III

Part I -Language Practical – English  - III - Communicative Skills
Advanced Food Production
Advanced Food and Beverage Service
Quantity Food Production Practical
Advanced Food and Beverage Service Practical
Nutrition and Food Science

Semester IV

Part I - Language Practical - English – IV – Employability Skills
Advanced Accommodation Operation
Advanced Front Office Operations
Application of Computers
Hotel Engineering
Value Education

Semester V

Principles of Management
Food and Beverage Management
Accommodation Management
Advanced Food Production Practical
Project Work

Semester VI

Internship (Industrial Practicum)

Career Possibilities

Career Possibilities


Career in Hospitality is glamorous, growth oriented and offers rewarding life long opportunity.

Front Office Training


Star Hotels, Cruise Ship, Airlines, Railways, Malls, Travel Agencies, Tourism Offices, Catering Units, Clubs, Hospitals, Kiosks etc.

Bakery Courses


The area of expertise vary from operations to marketing to customer relations to accounting.

Course Outcome

A degree in Hotel Management enables a student to acquire skills such as excellent communication, immaculate grooming, and empathy for the customer, crisis management, leadership, financial management, and most importantly an attitude to excel in any sector of service industry.

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